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Schnauzer Party - The Schnauzer Social

Dreams do come true and it happens to be in the form of about 50 Schnauzers all having the beardiest time of their lives.

Yesterday Husband, Henry and I headed out to the Aranga Dog Activity Reserve in Donvale (Cool place - all fenced in!) for the Schnauzer Social. Organised by Schnauzer Rescue Victoria, the social was a huge hit. There were no fights, everyone made friends and Schnauzer Rescue was able to announce their arrival to their biggest fans and raise a little bit of money to go towards rehabilitating some lovely little friends in need of some TLC and a new forever home. Love Tails donated a $150 shoot voucher which went to Willow because she got the biggest cheer for a best coat and we came home with this lovely new cushion! I got so excited about all the amazing dogs, that I didn't even pick up the camera! Not once! So, apologies for the lack of photos, sometimes, you just need to put it down and enjoy the love. Here is a phone picture of my exhausted little man. He slept well! You too can get involved and help Schnauzer Rescue VIC. Their next fundraiser is a screening of The Secret Life of Pets

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