What should I wear for my photography session?

Good Question! The best thing to wear is something you like and something in which you're comfortable.

I suggest neutral colours without bold patterns or brands and logos and colours that compliment each person and the colour of your dog. Generally, fitted, but comfortable clothes look best. But also, you do you, if you're big and bold, go for it!  I'm happy for you to bring outfit options or costume changes. 

For an outdoor shoot we will likely go for a walk in one of Sydneys beautiful dog friendly parks, play, sit, lay and cuddle, so choose something that allows free movement. 


How much does it cost?

Photography sessions have a booking fee of $175 for up to 2 dogs and 2 humans from the same household. It comes with a 5x7 print which you will select at your artwork design session. 

If you'd like to buy more at your artwork design session, you can choose a great value package, or buy individual pieces to suit your taste and budget. 

Specials, prizes and event session inclusions will be outlined when booking, be sure to check when booking. 


Should I get my dog groomed before the shoot?

Yes!  But not on the same day.  Grooming can be exhausting for your dog and we want them feeling relaxed when they come in. 

A wash the day before is perfect and time a groom so that the hair length is just how you want it.  


Should I wear out my dog before we come in?

You can go on a short, relaxing walk before you come in but don't wear your dog out! 

We want them at their most natural and to have enough energy to be engaged and cooperative.   Being in a new environment on its own will take a lot of energy.  


Where will we have our photography session?

We can have an outdoor shoot or studio shoot. 

The Love Tails studio is in the inner west, in the cute suburb of Dulwich Hill. I have a comfortable, safe and fun house based studio with parking right out the front.  

For outdoor shoots I love Marrickville Gold Course, Lavender bay for harbour and opera house views, and Centennial Park.  We can also discuss other locations. 

Love Tails also shoots in your home and this suits people who love their home and want a relaxed at home style and people who have anxious dogs who are happiest at home, this is by request and may incur travel fees. 

Examples of studio and outdoor are here.  Hover over each photograph to see where it was taken. 


My dog is really naughty, do you think we can get good photographs of them?

Absolutely!  I have lots of experience photographing dogs of all ages, abilities and training levels. 
I have photographed old dogs, young dogs, deaf dogs, blind dogs, reactive dogs and anxious dogs.  We choose the right location and get to know each other and work within their emotional and behavioural capabilities so it's a fun, stress free session for everyone.   


Should I bring anything?

Things to bring along are your dogs best outfits, their favourite toys and any special treats you know will get their attention. Feel free to be totally outrageous. Too much is never enough! 


What's the next step after the shoot?

At the end of your shoot we synchronise our calendars and find a date and time for your viewing and purchase appointment, held within 2 weeks of your shoot.   All decision makers attend this appointment.   

I will have for you a slideshow of your images and then we go over them one by one to choose your favourites to turn into stunning artwork for your home, prints, gifts and sharable digitals.  We have our presentation over Zoom and it generally takes about 1 hour. 

I will give you a take home pack at the end of your shoot with all the information you'll need.  



How do I know what size artwork to buy? 

I'm glad you asked!   I have a fantastic design program which allows us to use actual photos of your home or choose a room similar to one in your home and see what YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS will look like, in the frames you'd like, at a size you prefer.  It's really fun and you can feel confident you've chosen the right products. 

Before we shoot, I will get you to send me a photo of the rooms you're thinking of displaying your artwork in so we can create the perfect artwork. 


What are your payment options?

Orders and purchases are made at the end of the viewing and purchase session and you can pay with credit, paypal, EFT or spread out your payments over time using payright, for as little as $20 a week.  Payright requires a quick credit check which can be approved very quickly, usually on the spot. 


Have more questions?

Send me a message, an email, an enquiry, a DM, PM, a text, a carrier pigeon, call me

I'm an open book and can answer any questions you have :)