Love Tails Studio

By far the most popular choice!

All year round no matter what the weather, create special, perfectly lit images (yes, even black dogs look good!). 

Pose in the private studio, change outfits, change sets, this easy, safe, fun environment is a great choice. 



Lavendar Bay

Lavendar Bay - Wendy's Secret Garden, the Jettys and Luna Park 
Lavendar Bay has it all!  Views of the Harbour, a beautiful garden, lovely time worn jettys, a little beach, and the colour and lights of Luna Park. 


We head here around sunset to catch a nice sunset and wait for the Luna Park to turn it on. 



Cooks River, Marrickville

Marrickville Golf Course by the Cooks River is one of my favourite places to shoot outdoors, as it's pretty with its rolling mounds and willow trees that make for lovely back drops, as it's maintained it's green all year round.  If you're keen on the outdoors and also want low traffic and distractions, this is fantastic location. 

This is an on-leash location, best on weekends at sunset



Centennial Park, Randwick

Centennial Park presents a variety of opportunities with lakes, fields, forrest looks, old trees and avenues to create different looks and feels.  

This is an on-leash location. 



Enmore Park

Enmore Park is a cute spot with tree avenues, hedges and each season brings its own beauty.  Warm sunsets in summer, pretty leaves in Autumn and fresh vivid colours in Winter and Spring.  It has a few more people around but the results are lovely. 



Your House

Are you most comfortable at home? Want to include your cat?  I can come to you.  

At home shoots are intimate and capture you in your natural habitat!