Lavendar Bay - Wendy's Secret Garden, the Jettys and Luna Park 
Lavendar Bay has it all!  Views of the Harbour, a beautiful garden, lovely time worn jettys, a little beach, and the colour and lights of Luna Park. 


We head here around sunset to catch a nice sunset and wait for the Luna Park to turn it on. 


Love Tails Studio - Currently unavailable - only shooting outside due to Covid. 

The Love Tails Studio is a wonderful place to create beautiful portraits of you and your family.  The charming and rustic look studio has a variety of couches and props to suit your taste that we choose from as we go to match your home and colour coordinate with your dog!

Located in Stanmore, Inner West Sydney, it is a large space with big windows for natural light (and a newly installed dog gate since Jake escaped into the common area).  It's all weather, safe and private to cater for nervous dogs (and humans) and allows us to create a collection straight after the shoot. 

Marrickville Golf Course/Cooks River
Marrickville Golf Course by the Cooks River is one of my favourite places to shoot outdoors, as it's pretty with its rolling mounds and willow trees that make for lovely back drops, as it's maintained it's green all year round.  If you're keen on the outdoors and also want low traffic and distractions, this is fantastic location. 

Enmore Park
Enmore Park is a cute spot with tree avenues, hedges and each season brings its own beauty.  Warm sunsets in summer, pretty leaves in Autumn and fresh vivid colours in Winter and Spring.  It has a few more people around but the results are lovely. 

Special Request
We can also shoot in other locations by request, the beach, a special park or your house. Just give me a call to chat. 

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