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Cristal and Henry

 The story of Love Tails Photography

Henry and I were soulmates. We had a very special bond that was obvious to everyone. People would stop us everywhere we went to tell us what a lovely pair we made. 

Just being in his presence made me burst with love and joy, he delighted me, lit me up like nothing else could.  He was my world and I was his. 

We were inseparable.  A couple of years ago, after a personal heartbreak, we decided to take an adventure.  I found a camper van for the two of us, modified it with a little step so he could climb into bed and a gate so he was safe and off we went. We travelled around Australia, visiting all the best dog beaches and parks, we watched sunrises and sunsets in cities on beaches, the countryside, riverbanks, in rainforests and on mountains.  We would sneak into hotels and pubs, and when we got busted, we were forgiven, because everyone understood we just had to be together.

Henry saw me through one of the hardest times of my life, always there to soothe me with a cuddle, making everything beautiful once again, showing me how to live and love. 

As time went on and he got a bit older and couldn't do the big walks anymore I carried him as he'd carried me.  He would climb into my arms like a baby and sit on my shoulder like a parrot. I got good muscles in my arms!  I bought a baby back pack so we could still go exploring bush trails and visit waterfalls.  I wanted him to have the best life a dog could have. People wrote articles about our friendship. 

After 14 beautiful, love filled years, my little spoon's body sadly gave up. With big love comes big heartbreak, and I miss him terribly, but my little buddy was my greatest love and I wouldn't change a thing. 

These memories are precious, so I created Love Tails to capture beautiful memories for you too. 


PS: Something beautiful happened recently.  I decided to be a foster dog pawrent in Covid and foster-failed my way to love with my new baby, Marvin the cheeky Chihuahua.
Follow me on Instagram to see his cute lil face and crazy antics.  The love continues. 

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