Pets of the Homeless

Pound Paws, Pet Photography Sydney

Pound Paws, Pet Photography Sydney, Pet Portraits, Dog Portraits, Dog Photography

Pets of the Homeless


When you choose to support my small, local business you're also supporting the charity work I do with various not for profits. Over the years I have volunteered and donated time and resources to these wonderful not for profit organisations

Oscars Law - Great success campaigning to change laws and stop Puppy Farming.  

Pets of the Homeless and Paws and Recover -  Supporting people and pets in times of crisis keeping furry families healthy and together.  
Dreams for Dogs granting terminally ill people final wishes

Pound Paws - Driving home the message to adopt rather than shop, you may have been to one of these fun events that also give opportunities to rescue organisations to showcase pets up for adoption and have helped hundreds of pets find their way out of shelters and into new loving homes. 

If you are a not for profit and would like to talk about how Love Tails can assists you,

get in touch via the contact page.

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