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Love Tails moves to Northern NSW

After travelling the East Coast in a camper van for the last 9 months, me and my little man have decided to call Northern Rivers home. (For those of you from out of state, that takes in the famous beaches of Byron Bay, stunning headlands on the Tweed Coast where you can watch the Whales migrate for the winter and the stunning hinterlands just full of beautiful old growth rainforests and waterfalls. Heaven on earth!

We're excited to shoot on all the beautiful landscapes the area has to offer. If you followed us in Melbourne, we will miss you, but do come and visit us on holidays when you need to escape the winter for a couple of weeks. We can guide you towards the dog friendly accomodation, show you all the dog friendly beaches and walking trails, tell you all the cafes that will welcome you with open arms and even find you some dog sitters for when you want to head into the National Parks. We can't wait to meet all the New South Welshdogs and Queenslandian doggos and make new furry friends.

Picture of me by Hayden Warner.

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