Dog Daycare at The Hound Lounge!

Have you ever wondered what a typical day at dog daycare is like? Me too!  So I thought it was high time Love Tails had a chat to 'The Hound Lounge' co-owners Lisa and Maddie to take us on that journey in today's blog.

A day at Hound Lounge dog is never anything short of fun!

I get dropped off nice and early, which is just as well… that means more hours in the day to have fun with my friends! It’s always so hard to wait as the staff takes off my leash and harness and puts it away in my special drawer, but if I'm nice and patient that part doesn’t take too long. Then it’s time to burst through the door into the main daycare area, that’s where the party really happens!

Once we get into our group for the day, big dogs on one side and small dogs on the other, it’s time to greet everyone! Mornings are an important time of the day, that’s where we sniff and say hello to all the other dogs, and most importantly decide who will be our best friend for the day.

If we're really lucky, some new dogs will even join us for some daycare fun!

The staff are always close by them to help them settle in with nice greetings and asking us to join in with our games.

After all of that, it’s time to get down to some serious play! The staff put on the music and it gets us all in the mood for a party! We run and wrestle and even climb on the awesome play equipment. The houses are particularly fun, and the perfect place to hide for an ambush!

After such a busy morning, it's time for a nap, The Hound Lounge always has so many comfy beds and couches, we all find our places and snuggle up with our favourite friends, Hound Lounge staff sit down with us and give out lots of pats and ear rubs as we drift off to dreamland.