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Haku the Happy Husky

The story of an unruly Husky X and the absolute dedication of fur-mama, Rachel, who new there was a good boy under all the energy and wildness that kept him landing at the pound. Haku finds everything from dirt on the ground, to a butterfly in the sky, to a leaf blowing from a tree SO exciting. He LOVES people and dogs and just exudes happiness every day.

After two years, he has transformed into the most amazing dog – no one believes me when I talk about how he was before!"

Tell us your adoption story.... I saw Haku on the RSPCA Facebook page, I said to my partner John, “I need this dog!”. We weren’t looking at getting a dog at this point in time because we were living in our unit, but I felt that I needed to save this dog. He was called Haku the name of a character from one of my favourite movies “Spirited Away”. I called the RSPCA the next day and they said that he’s been adopted, sorry! I cried over the next few days (yes, a bit OTT I know) because I was so sure this dog was meant to be ours, but also happy that he had found a home.

A month later, my mum was monitoring the RSPCA website for a rescue for herself, and text me “Haku is back”. I replied “No, he was adopted remember?”, she said “No, look on the website he’s back!” So sure enough, we called, and he had been returned to the pound a couple of weeks after the first family adopted him.

What was it like when you brought him home? Haku was basically a NIGHTMARE for the first couple of months and there were many tears! He mouthed and bit hands and limbs when he was given any kind of direction (sort of in protest or rebellion), he jumped on and body slammed any human he met (mind you he’s built like a tank!) to get his own way and chewed through everything. I didn’t know what else to do, so I sent him to a professional training bootcamp for a few thousand dollars and took him to other trainers for a second opinion.

The story just goes on, and the money I spent goes up – but none of that mattered because we said we would do everything we can for this dog. It was never his fault he was ‘naughty’ and ‘boisterous’; he was just never guidance in life and never shown the right way to do things and how to ‘dog’.

Before we adopted him, he just had two canines removed on the top and bottom by the RSPCA vets, and a third one is completely worn down, so, when he smiles, his tongue falls out to the side as there are no teeth to hold it in. It’s really his signature smile!

The best part of his behavioural changes came from just simply returning to the basics, having a set routine, boundaries and guidance. We walked every day and trained relentlessly.

We set him up for success and that shows in his behaviour today. The road ahead is still long, and we have more training to do, but how much more fun is training with your best friend!

If you could speak dog, what would you want him to know? That we are so grateful for him coming into our lives, and that it was surely meant to be fate for us to rescue him. I feel that we have known each other from another life (I know it sounds corny!) but it’s almost like we’ve crossed paths before. Also, that if he could stop eating socks it would be great, because they are bad for his tummy and we also like having socks with no holes!

Haku makes us belly laugh, he chases his tail at supersonic speed then gets dizzy, he barks when you laugh at him for doing something silly, he always has the zoomies

Getting Haku has changed my life greatly as he keeps me going every day and makes me smile even on the worst days. He always picks up on our energy and can sense is one or both of us is having a bad day. Haku will make a point to bug us by resting his head on our laps or do something silly because he knows it makes us happy.

He’s given us an extra reason to get up in the morning, he motivates us. He gives us something to look forward to coming home to each day.

Prior to getting Haku I was in a bad place mentally and felt down a lot of the time. Haku loves us unconditionally. It’s hard to find humans that do the same. We could be having a bad hair day, have the flu and be all sniffly or just feeling cranky – no matter what he will be so happy to see us and still love us back.

We don’t deserve dogs; they are just too pure for this world! --

This wonderful story is a part of the @lovetailsphotography X @Poundpaws Insta Rescue Campaign, spreading positive stories and the adopt don't shop message and helping you find your next BFF.

You can follow Haku and Rachel on Instagram @haku.the.husky


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