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Harbor view walks in Sydney

Sydney just has to be one of the most picturesque places in the world to walk your dog. Today on the blog I have some of the most iconic walks you and your best bud can do whilst drinking in the wonderful views Sydney is famous for!

Luna Park and the bridge! I like to start this walk in Lavender bay at Wendy's Secret garden. Start with an epic view of the bridge and head down the stairs to the water. From here you can wander along the water past all the little piers where the ferrys take people out on party boats and along to Luna Park. I'm a sucker for good lighting, so I like to do this at twilight when it's not dark but all the lights come on at Luna Park. Balmain - Mort Bay to Ballast point park. This is a personal favourite for Marvin and I. We start at Mort Bay park where there is an off leash area to get out the initial bit of excitement energy before setting off on the walk up to Ballast park that gives you wonderful view out over goat island and across to the bridge. You can keep it flat and stick to the path that wraps around and double back, or elevate your heart rate and head up to the look outs and old tank sculptures and wander around.

Glebe foreshore - Federal Park to Black wattle Bay This walk gives you a wonderful ANZAC Bridge outlook and also includes a dog park. It meanders along the water through Jubilee park and over to Black Wattle Bay. Sometimes we take the path up to tramsheds and have a cheeky gelato from Messina! Cremorne point walk This is an epic walk. Wander through bush land and feel like you're miles away from the city until you glimpse the Sydney Harbor bridge from time to time. See the boats bobbing on the water, (multi-)million dollar views and even a lighthouse. As a Melbourne traitor, it's places like this that had me asking why didn't I move here sooner?!

(Pictured is Lucy and Buddy from our Luna Park shoot, found on the first walk)

Kisses to you from Marvin and I



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