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Natural, ethical make-up tips for your photography shoot

Today on the blog I talk to Sydney husky mum, dog trainer and hair and make up artist Stefanie Gibbons from @justthisface. I met Stefanie when she and her partner came in with their FOUR huskies for a Love Tails family photo shoot and noticed her lovely, natural make-up and we got chatting.

I thought it would be great to share, so Stefanie talks to us today about choosing ethical make-up and how to apply it, especially for photography.

Self-care is self-kind and it’s not selfish to want to look your best. We are in a time of uncertainty and we deserve to look and feel how our dogs see us - as the most beautiful person in their world, says Stefanie.

You don't have to compromise your ethics to achieve a lovely, natural look for your portraits. Using high quality products to emphasise your favourite features, will work to create a treasured portrait you'll love to share. 

What is ethical makeup? I would define it as makeup produced without animal products, animal cruelty or exploitation. 

Using a flat matte powder can work against you in photographs, so look for a finishing powder with just a hint of luminescence to give skin a lively texture. 

Lip gloss can have the opposite effect by dispersing light and reducing definition. Try a satin finish lipstick close to your own lip colour for the most flattering effect. 

How do we find these products? There are several things to look for first: cruelty-free certification (products are not tested on animals).

Look for the Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free certifications and check out their sites for guides on which companies hold their certification.

Cruelty-free does not always mean Vegan (not derived from or using the product of animals). By choosing Vegan, you can be assured that a product is cruelty-free as the ethos includes not testing on animals.

You can find a list of Vegan brands on the Choose Cruelty Free site.

If you have products that you are concerned are not vegan or cruelty-free but don’t want to or can’t afford to replace them; remember that it is better for the environment for you to use what you have already bought instead of contributing to landfill. This is a learning journey and you can use this information to make informed choices when it comes to replacements. 

Photos from suppliers websites

I have teamed up with Cristal so you can now book me to make you up before your shoot! Just let Cristal know you'd like me there when you're booking in! xo Stefanie


Follow Stefanie at for more make-up tips or let me know if you'd like to book in her for your up-coming shoot.


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