Oliver - Dog in the City

The Love Story of a Farm Dog that made his way to the big city and into the hearts of his new owners then turned their world upside down in an instant. Read all about how Bianka accidentally adopted the perfect dog! We had only just decided that we would look into getting a dog and the first enquiry I sent off was to Pound Rescue Inc to meet Oliver. At the time, his ‘ad’ wasn’t loading properly, so we had only one grainy image of him and little to no information about his personality.

I explained to my partner that I had accidentally adopted a dog immediately and we had better go to the pet supply stores to get him the basics

It was a Thursday when we organised to come and meet him on the Sunday, however the rescue organisation explained to me that they weren’t actually sure where he would be staying between Thursday and Sunday as he had to leave his foster home that day. They were a bit apprehensive about sending him to the usual vet for boarding as there was a recent dog death and so were concerned he might be stuck in a crate for a few days. I offered to essentially ‘foster’ him whilst they figured out what to do for him and while we checked to see if we were a good fit, and before we knew it he was being dropped off that same evening (which ended up being midnight!). I explained to my partner that I had accidentally adopted a dog immediately and we had better go to the pet supply stores to get him the basics - it was a long night while we waited to meet him. As soon as Oliver stepped out of the trailer, we knew it was love at first sight and we were never letting him go. What was it like when you brought him home? He was nervous and overwhelmed. As soon as he came inside he sat directly on the dog bed and didn’t move a muscle the entire night – I had to check he was still breathing. Over the coming weeks he slowly became acclimatised to us and his beautiful personality shone right out. We took him to puppy school (despite being 1 year and a half years old) and he graduated with flying colours. Our trainer remarked that she hasn’t seen a bond develop as quickly as ours has with Oliver. He is gentle, playful and loves a wrestle with us or with other dogs. Initially he was nervous on the main roads and around cars, and could be frightened if other dogs came up too energetically but has come into his own now (he is the one bounding up to play!!). We learned over time that he had come from a farm outside Rockhampton and  we can only imagine how scary inner city newtown must have been for him at first – all the cars, pedestrians, planes and music around him. Now you wouldn’t know he wasn’t always a city dog - his favourite activity is to head to the local pub for all the attention and pats he gets, or to the local leash free park to run and wrestle. He sleeps peacefully when we are out or at work, not bothered at all by the comings and goings around him. If anything he finds it difficult when we are home all day on the weekend and keep him up too long! 

What does it mean to love a dog/s like yours?

I think adopting Oliver is proof that every dog is individual and that dogs generally are really resilient. He is a border collie x koolie and while we knew that we were undertaking a very intelligent dog who would need a lot of exercise and brain stimulation, we didn't know at the time that he had been raised on a farm. However, he has adapted perfectly to living in a busy city area, doesn't react negatively at all to the many noises and smells that come with living in Newtown - although he is desperate to chase down a train! 

We each look forward to our walk with Olly each day rather than see it as a 'duty.' We must be doing something right to keep him busy and stimulated as we have a camera in the