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Renting and still having framed portraits

One of the main complaints I hear from people who rent (except for how hard it is to find a pet friendly rental in Sydney!) is that they aren't able to hang portraits from their shoot on the walls. Today on the blog I have some great ideas on how to rent AND have artwork that won't cost you your bond.

My first solution is don't hang them! You most likely have a set of drawers, a sideboard or a mantle piece that you can place your portrait on and lean against the wall. This looks fantastic and you can add other little plants and trinkets around your portrait and make it an ever changing surface with your portrait as a backdrop. Tip: Use some non-slip matting underneath the portrait and place some felt dots on the back of your portrait so you don't mark the wall.

Another option is to create a dedicated free standing area for artwork. You can pick up an inexpensive ladder shelf or bookshelf from most big furniture retailers and online stores which are relatively narrow and don't take up much space.

I love these as due to their height, you can place artwork on them that would have been approximately the height you would normally hang art. You can choose a hero print to be the largest print and then some smaller images to populate the lower shelves, perhaps even some loose prints for which you can buy your own little frames. Add some decorations and books to break up your artwork for an eclectic look that reflects your personality. Tip: In your design session, choose an image in portrait mode that is taller than it is wide as these are more likely to fit on these types of shelves.

Hang Woodblocks! These are made with 20mm Australian Hoop Pine ply, which is sustainably grown and milled in Queensland Australia. They are extremely light and can easily be hung using 3M hook and loop tabs that you can buy at any supermarket. Just place a couple on each block and stick to the wall after wiping the surface clean. When you want to change the location of your woodblocks or take them down when you move, you simply pull the tab and they come off the wall without damaging the surface.

For more tips and ideas, chat to me about your space before your shoot and in the purchasing consultation so we can deign the perfect thing for your home! xo Cristal


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