The Perfect Pet Area with Nathan from Tailor & Nest Interiors

Today on the blog I talk to the wonderful, stylish, super lovely Nathan from Tailor & Nest Interior Design!  Nathan put together the Love Tails Studio so you will remember him from my Instagram progress updates. 

Nathan dives into “how to put together a stylish pet area”. Get stuck in for some great tips (and look out for the mood board at the end!)

Pets are the best aren’t they?! We all love having our furry loved ones around, especially during times like Corona, where isolation has kept us inside (much to the delight of our four-legged friends!) They bring us so much joy and comfort, and help the days go by faster.

I’ve heard many people tell me over the years that they can’t buy nice furniture, as they are scared it will get trashed over time by our pets. While this may be true to some extent, there’s actually no reason why you can’t give them their own little area, and bribe them with treats to enjoy it! That way, you can enjoy your nice white couches, while you know your furry friend is enjoying theirs! Here’s some tips to give them a puppy paradise they’ll never want to leave: Zone the space well.

Our little furry friends don’t want to be shoved off into a corner away from the hustle and bustle of family life. Its so important to make sure that they feel part of the commotion, so that they have their space and don’t feel left out. Its so important to their wellbeing to be included. Think about where you situate them. If they’re near a window, will the light wake them up early? If they’re near the front door, will they bark when they hear the neighbours or postman? Is their proposed area in a space of heavy foot traffic, and they’re likely to get in the way or not get any rest as a result?

Planning is key. My recommendation (if the space allows it) is to have a dedicated corner of the main living area/TV room where you spend most of your time, for your pets. This way they can enjoy evening activities, but also get the right amount of sunlight and noise, without taking too much space in other parts of the home. It may require some self control on our part not to get them into the habit of snuggling up with us on the new sofa, but with time, they may be allowed to snuggle at our feet – Hey it’s the little things right?

Find the right kind of pet furniture.

Pet furniture can be a big guessing game (and an expensive one too). Although cane furniture and woven textures are all the rage on Instagram, it’s important to make an investment into something that your fur child will love and use – and most importantly last lo