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Dogapalooza 2016!

If there is a heaven on earth, then surely it's Dogapalooza. Walking up to Burnely Park, you can instantly feel the pure, unleashed joy and excitement of the dogs who have been treated to a day out by their fur parents. In the off-leash, dogs bound and bounce, pouncing on each other and any humans that get in their way as they play with all their new instant bffs.

Inside, every kind of dog you ever loved is represented. Big, small, fluffy, elegant, bruiser, beautiful, cute, long, short, squishy, curly, bearded balls of love. They picnic with their families, some bursting with excitement, some just chilling out, all very happy.

The artists and volunteers who all donated their time to raise money for the causes that Dogapalooza support, were all self-confessed dog lovers and put in their all, despite some super windy conditions. Even Oscar himself of Oscars Law fame made an appearance, his tiny little self filling the big hearts of every patron he met.

A great day was had by all and Love Tails was delighted to be there to capture all the beautiful faces of dog and human alike. A full album of adorable-ness can be found on the Love Tails Facebook Page. Much Love, See you next time!

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