Bee and Trooper - A Love Tail

Bee and Trooper spent some time with Love Tails at some of their favourite spots doing their favourite things. This is their Love Tail.

Bee! How did Trooper come to be in your life? What was happening in your life at this time? I fell ill suddenly last year and it altered every facet of my life. I was mostly housebound and often bedbound.

My mum came to stay to cook for me and take care of me and she brought along my brothers dog Buddy who she had been looking after for some time. I ended up spending all my time snuggled up with him or sitting in the winter sun in the park with him throwing him sticks and balls and all manner of things to chase.

When it came time for mum and Buddy to leave.. I was sad. Mum decided that Buddy had to stay with me (despite not being able to have a dog where I rent) and all my housemates and I agreed this was for the best. We became inseparable and he took to city life nicely, charming his way around the little life we led in Glebe. But then came the time to give Buddy up, because my little brother needed him more than I did. Our love as a family for Buddy is wild. I cannot imagine a more loved (in heart and mind) dog than Buddy. He could not be more loved. I remember sitting with my little brother and he literally cried at the THOUGHT of life without Buddy in it. I knew I had to give Buddy back to my brother. But the hole he left in my days was large and it coincided with the loss of a dear friend.

My heart was broken. My family decided I needed a dog. I wasn’t convinced, having lived in the city for over a decade now, I know landlords are not big fans. However one day, out of curiosity - I was googling the crossbreed that Buddy was (he had been a mistake on a farm near the family home and was the product of a cattle dog and jack Russell hooking up). The first search result was a dog in gumtree. This was NOT what I expected. I saw his little oversized ears and classic doggo brown eyes and I knew I probably needed him as much as he needed a home.