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Rob, Taylor and Yoda - A Love Tail

I met Taylor and Rob at The Pound Paws, Howl-o-ween Party in Gymea with Yoda all dressed up and being the life of the party, playing joyfully with the other spooky doggos!

Her doting parents couldn't stop smiling, their love for their pup beaming out of them. This is their Love Tail.

Guys! How did Yoda come to be in your life? What was happening in your life at this time? We had been planning on getting a dog for two years.

We’d even gotten approval from our strata to have a dog in our unit. We had been debating whether to get a French Bulldog or a Pug, until we learnt that there was such thing as a frenchie x pug, known as a ‘Frug’.

It took us a while for us to find our perfect Frug, Yoda. It just so happens that we discovered her on Rob’s Birthday weekend. As soon as Rob saw a picture of her, he knew right away that she would be perfect for us.

What is a typical day for you guys? What's your favourite thing to do together?

We love to spend as much time with Yoda as we can, and whilst we still have to go to work, Rob is able to come home and have lunch with her.

We can communicate with her throughout the day using our PetCube puppy camera.

On weekends we spend pretty much the whole time together. Yoda loves the Cronulla lifestyle and the beach. She’s a frequent visitor to many dog friendly venues in the area.

What makes Yoda so special to you?

Yoda is truly unique. There are a lot of French bulldogs in our area, but she’s the only one with a tail!! Yoda is the happiest and most sociable little dog you’d ever meet. She loves every person and thing she comes across. She always makes everyone laugh with her clown like behaviour. Most strangers who have come across her remember her by name if they see her again.

What is the best thing about your relationship with Yoda? Yoda has such a big heart. She is so affectionate and just loves being with us. We feel like our house is full of happiness all the time with our gorgeous little shadow following our every move.

What do your photos mean to you? Our photos are a lasting memory of watching Yoda grow and develop. You can clearly see the happiness she brings to our lives. The amount of photos we take - we will be running out of memory on our phones shortly! Yoda even has her own Instagram account.

You could say we are slightly obsessed! You can follow Yoda and her humans on Instagram @yoda_the_frug

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