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Henry and Max (Cristal and Marissa)

Today I got an early morning phone call from one of my best friends, Marissa who lives in Melbourne. It came at just the right time, I really needed her wisdom and friendship in that moment. She is a very special person in my life and we would never be friends if it wasn't for our dogs, Henry and Max. Here is our Love Tail.

This is Marissa and Max. Just look at these beauties! Such a perfect pair. Marissa and I met years ago, I can't remember how many years now, because it feels like we've been friends forever, that thing that happens when you are just meant to be friends and you fit. I remember the very moment I met Marissa and Max. (Now bear with me here, I'm about to put some old insecurities on show). I was at my favourite cafe in St Kilda, The Galleon, it's the kinda place that brings you comfort. Everything is vintage, the staff stay for years, the menu rarely changes and it is just so very consistent. It was a part of my morning routine, my happy place. I had tied up Henry outside, so I could go in and order. He was either going to be a very good boy and collect pats, or bark like a maniac till I got back. It was always a guess what mood he would be in. This day, I tied him up and came outside and this completely stunning girl was sitting there with a gorgeous puppy Schnoodle (Schnauzer x Poodle if you don't like playing the combo game!) and our dogs were there wagging away at each other, they wanted to play.

As an over-thinker and not so confident person, I was feeling a little intimidated by this really really, ridiculously good looking girl (p

​​oints if you get the Zoolander reference). But, I was at my local, and I can't resist a puppy, so decided to say hello anyway because our dogs liked each other and I really wanted to cuddle her dog. I needn't have been worried. Marissa was soooooo nice. We ended up chatting and having coffee together. As we finished up, I'd decided that this was a cool person and didn't want this to be a one off, so I really awkwardly blurted out that I wanted to be friends. MAKING FRIENDS AS AN ADULT IS HARD. Haha. I literally said, 'Can we be friends?' haha I was so embarrassed. But she very enthusiastically replied Yes please! and we exchanged phone numbers.

Marissa and I very quickly became firm friends. We have since been there for each other through many of lifes big milestones. Break-ups, breakdowns, when we felt like break-dancing. It's all in there. And we have our dogs to thank. Our angels are always weaving this kind of magic. We get such a short time with our (fur)kids, a dogs life span is just not enough and even though we know it's coming eventually, we all sign on for the pure love and intense heartbreak. When it comes, it's always harder than we expected. We tell ourselves, well, that's how long dogs live. But they don't really leave us. They are working around in the background, finding us community and friends that will be there long after they go. So thank you Henry, you just keep giving. Marissa and Max (and now Grant and Leo, Marissa's partner and Max's little brother) is a wonderful gift and you live on in our enduring friendship.

You can follow Marissa and Max on Instagram @rocketandbeets

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