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Dog Friendly Beaches (and water spots) in NSW

It's summer and time to hit the beach but it's not always that simple with your dog in tow. Today in the blog, I've listed some of the wonderful beaches and water spots I've visited with my dog. If you'd like to share your tips on great spots to meet your furry friends, add a comment at the end!

One of the rare places you can take your dog on the Northern Beaches. There is an adjoining park and a lagoon that runs out to the beach for those pups that prefer a paddle to surf. Big dunes and lots of play to be had here.

Thanks to Chris,Todd and Duffy for this one. Nestled in a tip overlooking Botany Bay, this little patch has a stretch of sand for zoomies and an infrequent tiny gentle lapping wave - more like a bay than beach.

A little cove where your pup can cool off and dip the toe beans or wade out depending on their confidence level. Not a beach dog? They can chill play in the dog park above the cove and avoid the sand all together. Lovely sunsets. Sydney Park Pet Pool - Alexandria Bit of an odd entry as it's not a beach, lake or river, but what's an inner city dog to do on a hot day? The Pet pool or 'Dog Pond' is a funny little dish made just for your dog to have a splash in on their walk in Sydney Park. The dogs have an absolute ball here. (Last time we were there it was under repair - so check before you go) Pearl Beach - Central Coast

Marvin and I love getting out of town and our go-to beach not more than 2 hours from home is Pearl Beach. The south end is off leash and expansive and the scenery is gorgeous. You can also visit Umina beach just around the corner. I'd love to hear about your favorite spots, let me know on facebook


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