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Duck and Zeus the Biker Frenchie!

Zeus the biker Frenchie is an absolute legend! He's a real head turner, cruising around with his Dad 'Duck' on the Trikie. I first met them when they came down to the Sydney Harbour Bridge to star in the Love Tails behind the scenes video. Duck has been so wonderfully open about the joy, comfort and relief Zeus brings him from the PTSD that he suffers, an unofficial service dog. They are definitely a pair that have rescued each other.

How does Zeus fit into your family? Zeus fits in by being my anxiety buddy and for a friendly face after a stressful day for the family How has your rescue changed your life? Zeus has added a bundle of joy and love like nothing else

Your Adoption Story Zeus was abused both physically and mentally at his last home.  He was a bit hesitant when he first met me but soon we fell head over heels for each other 

When Zeus came home he felt secure immediately in which is what he needed 

What does Zeus do that makes you laugh? Zeus makes me laugh when I see him run chasing his toys on the timber floor and those little legs go a hundred miles an hour and also comes into the toilet to make sure the flush monster doesn't take me 

What do you see when you look into his eyes? I see a loving and caring soul What does Zeus add to your life? Everything. He is like your best mate and your baby. No matter how bad a day you have had, it’s always awesome coming home and seeing him. He is such an affectionate little guy so just having him around makes everything more enjoyable. How do you feel when you see Zeus 'smile'? When I see Zeus smile I see a boy in whom is loving life to the max What is your favourite thing to do as a family? Our favourite thing to do as a family is to take Zeus on a walk around Centennial Park or the doggy beach

What do you think you mean to him? I think we mean the world to Zeus as we have given him a new lease on life

In two words, what does your dog mean to you? Absolute Joy What does it mean to love a dog like Zeus? For me to love a boy like Zeus is like having a son in the household , he is a great relief for me as he knows exactly when to keep me company and from freaking out when I have a bad day with PTSD.

  What is your favourite thing about Zeus? Zeus as become my best friend and is one of the best things to happen to me in a while. He can get me up to go for a walk or slow run in which distracts me from some of the bad thoughts If you could speak dog, what would you want Zeus to know? If I could speak French Bulldog I would want him to know he means the world to me

My heartfelt thanks to Duck for sharing his personal story with us all. You can follow @zeus_the_bikie_frenchie

This story is a part of the @lovetailsphotography X @PoundPaws positive adoption Insta-Rescue campaign, promoting the adopt don't shop message, because every dog deserves to be happy.


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