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How much does it cost to get professional photos of your dog?

This is the number one question asked about Pet Photography on google, so I'm here to answer this (and also give you some questions!) The first question is, why are you thinking about getting professional pet or dog portraits? What most people tell me is because their dog is their best friend and they are family - and also they won't sit still! They tell me that it's impossible to get a nice picture together. People also tell me that they want to capture this stage of life, the puppy cuteness, their dog in their absolute prime or shining in their golden years. The short answer is a photography session is $195, plus what you would like for your end result. This price can vary depending on how many images you want and if you'd like frames, treasure boxes, prints or albums. I can send you a full product guide and price list. You might even ask, why does pet photography cost so much? Here are some things to consider when thinking about the cost of professional dog photos.

1. Photographer's Expertise, style and personality: For many years, I have been working with dogs who are well trained and others with no training at all. My clients are regular people who have often never been photographed before. I have found the best approach is to keep it light, friendly, relaxed and kind. This is why you will see my results are often full of precious, genuine moments.

Over the years, I have learned techniques on how to create the perfect portrait. Sometimes a photo has to be planned in advance so that it can be re-touched or 'photoshopped' later. Adding or taking out dogs, and leashes, swapping faces or whole heads if the perfect image is ruined by closed eyes, removing dog hair, or taking out blemishes that popped up on photo day. If you want to put a portrait up on your wall, you want to feel happy every time you see it.

2. Location Matters: Love Tails is centrally located in Sydney's inner west with a pet dedicated studio, air conditioning and garage parking. Rain, hail or shine, you will be comfortable at your private shoot. Real estate is not cheap in Sydney, but I believe providing a safe and inviting studio is paramount to creating a great session.

3. Session Length and Inclusions: Love Tails Pet Photography sessions are booked for an hour and a half - enough time to settle in, shoot and look at samples. It also includes many hours of editing, retouching, file and print preparation, production, management and quality control to ensure you get beautiful finished products.

4. Quality Equipment and Editing: Photography is not cheap and often includes a lot of 'hidden' costs that make your experience as a customer so much better. Love Tails invests in up to date lighting, cameras, computers, screens, editing software, studio management software, design, visualization software and image hosting subscriptions so your process is easy, from online forms, to editing notes and easy downloading. I also spend billions of dollars on all the high value treats your dog eats in their session.

5. Finished Products: Love Tails provides high quality finished products. Whilst some studios will dump some digitals on you and leave it up to you to find the time and skill to find suppliers, prepare files to a professional standard and have them printed and framed, I take care of this for you, so all you need to do is decide where to display your images.

If you'd like to book a session or get the full product guide and price list, send me a message!


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