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How staying home has given people greater empathy with pets.

People around the world are finding themselves acting just like dogs in many ways now they're to stay inside. Constantly looking for food, staring out of windows, going out onto the balcony and howling to anyone who will walk by or listen, running around in the house acting crazy, getting lonely and desperate to go out for walks and see their friends. Here are a couple of posts that show people are starting to understand what it's like for pets that are left home all day.

In a role reversal, this one about a dog happily popping out the door into the light and a world of possibilities. The human is instructed to 'be good' whilst anxiously sitting on the couch, kind of overweight and in poor posture with a stressed look. He'd obviously like to come! Now the tables have turned and people have experienced this themselves, perhaps our furry friends will be welcomed more readily into 'human only' places.

This tweet struck a real chord around the world. Being able to leave the house is something that we have always taken for granted and not being able to leave has given many a greater understanding of how dogs feel and act when they are left in the house all day long. Behaviours that are often seen as 'crazy' or 'problematic' in dogs are being mimicked by owners who are now in the dogs position. Perhaps people who left dogs home a lot will go a bit easier on them and try to involve them in activities more when we're eventually allowed to go outside again! Then there is the delightful Pluto the Mini Schnauzer, who stopped by to give us some ideas about what to do at home all day and how to deal with the toilet paper crisis and physical distancing (please don't socially distance - stay social online). This little chiller gave us some great ideas on how to take a leaf out of his book and 'be more dog' about the situation for a while. I'll leave you with his delightful advice.

Be safe everyone and give your pets an extra hug from me. xo Cristal


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