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Kaiser the Hyper Heeler

I first met Kaiser and his Pawrents at the Marrickville Pound Paws Dog Day. I still remember the photograph I took - all of them beaming with love and happiness. Kaiser is not for the faint hearted, he is high energy and extreme PDA, luckily his pawrents are on board! Alana, Duncan and Kaiser again met me at Enmore Park for their family session and the results captured everything radiant about the trios strong bond. They've shared their adoption story and Love Tail with us for the Pound Paws Insta-Rescue campaign!

How does Kaiser fit into your family? He is our family. We wouldn't be a family without him. Our living situation and holiday plans all revolve around him and where we can take him. We even ended up moving to a more dog friendly area so we could spend even more time with him. How has your rescue changed your life? He has hugely changed it for the better. He provides emotional and mental support. He helps us get out of bed when we don’t want to. He calms us down, cheers us up and injects mundane moments with welcome quirkinesses, hilarity and happiness. Another thing he does is help us start talking with complete strangers in the park, in the street, at cafes and in pubs. 

Your Adoption Story We got Kaiser in 2014 through a small rescue in Melbourne. He along with his 10 litter-mates were dumped outside a pound in country NSW. He was the only blue one. The rest were red. They were all only around two to three weeks old so were super tiny. He along with his brothers and sisters were brought down to Melbourne and split among foster carers. The small rescue had a Facebook page and we saw them all on there.

We went to the foster carer’s house to meet him and his brother and little sister (she was the runt so was tiny) and we both fell in love with him instantly. His brother was bigger than him and being so rough, kaiser did a pee on the carpet and then went back into his kennel for a sleep. It was this little display of personality which made us laugh that helped us pick him, plus we loved his blue and red markings. Three weeks later we were able to take him home.

We still keep in contact with his foster mum to let her know how kaiser is doing and to keep up to date with his brother.  We moved torural Queensland for work about 6 months after adopting Kaiser.

We also fostered for the local dog rescue charity and kaiser was an amazing big foster brother to four other rescue dogs over an 18 month period.

What does Kaiser do that makes you laugh? So much. I don’t know where to start! He make lots of really strange noises, a cross between a pig and a chimpanzee, those always make us laugh. He also does somersaults when he is excited and happy and those are super funny.

He’s so mischievous and so clever. When he learns a new trick or has a cute reaction to something or sleeps in a funny way.

What do you see when you look into his eyes? Mischief, intelligence, character, curiosity, some anxiety (he’s always worried we’re going to leave) What does Kaiser add to your life? Everything. He is like your best mate and your baby. No matter how bad a day you have had, it’s always awesome coming home and seeing him. He is such an affectionate little guy so just having him around makes everything more enjoyable. How do you feel when you see Kaiser 'smile'? He smiles loads, people always comment on how happy he looks. I guess when he is smiling it makes us feel incredibly happy as well. Dogs’ personalities are just infectious.

Describe how it feels to pet him!  Comforting and lovely. He has a super soft coat. He sleeps in our bed and every morning without fail, he jumps all over us demanding his morning cuddles. It’s an awesome way to start the day. What is your favourite thing to do as a family? For me, it’s go on holidays with Kaiser— somewhere out of the city so there’s space. Or to the beach because Kaiser loves swimming and chasing his ball there. We also spend as much time as we can at the local off leash parks as he has cattle dog in him so loved to be able to run and chase his ball.

What do you think you mean to him? The three things he loves most in the world are his ball, food and being with us. He seems so happy just being in our company and gets so sad when he isn’t. In two words, what does your dog mean to you? Best mate. What does it mean to love a dog like Kaiser? He has such a distinct personality and is such a character. From the moment we got him from the rescue we have both felt incredibly lucky to have him in our lives.  What is your favourite thing about Kaiser? The joy and love he brings. Plus also His cheeky character and intelligence that keeps surprising us.  If you could speak dog, what would you want Kaiser to know? Tell him not to be so worried because we’re never going to leave him. 

You can follow Kaisers high energy antics and his adoring paw-rents at @alanacal

This story is a part of the @lovetailsphotography X @PoundPaws positive adoption Insta-Rescue campaign, promoting the adopt don't shop message, because every dog deserves to be happy.


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