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The dreaded nail clipper

We hate clipping nails, our dogs hate having their nails clipped even more and most of us have had the horrible feeling of accidentally clipping too much and causing a bleeding nail. We feel so guilty.

I see this topic come up again and again on dog related facebook groups, so I thought I would take a few minutes to talk about experiences and solutions. Let's have a look at our options. Clippers - You know the ones they are the small silver ones that you pop the nail inside and chop. Unfortunately for those of us with dogs that have dark nails, it's hard to know where the quick starts and we can clip too far and cause a bleed, especially with a wiggly dog who really doesn't like the process. Vets and Groomers - This is a service that some vets offer free of charge and some for a fee from $10 to $35. This can take the responsibility and stress out of your hands, but it still might not be something your dog enjoys. Grinding boards or Scratch Boards - These are boards with a grit surface. The idea here is to train your dog to scratch the board for a treat so they grind their own nails. It's kind of genius if your dog gets the idea. There are lots of videos online of how to train them to use it.

Nail Grinders - The grinder has a spinning wheel with what can be described as a sandpaper like substance on the surface. The plastic cover enables you to rest the paw on the cover and poke the nail you're working on through and apply a light pressure, keeping the rest of the paw and a curious nose safe. The cover also captures the nail dust as it grinds away. These are $10 - $40 and can be easily purchased online. Some are rechargeable and others take batteries. The stone or paper will need to be replaced as it wears down, so factor replacements into your purchase. After trying things the hard way with clippers, Marvin and I have settled on a grinder. We have negotiated a couple of nails at a time, when he's in a calm mood. Which ever option you go for, we wish you the best of luck and a pleasant experience! Love, Cristal & Marvin


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