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Lani Withnall and Wookiee!

Say it with me ... WAGRRRWWGAHHWWRRGGAWWWRR! That's how you spell the Wookie sound. I googled it. That's the sound that Lani's dog makes when he gets scratches behind his ear. Athlete, model, journalist, Award winning smilier, you wouldn't think that Lani would ever need rescuing, but she did, and Wookie was the one to do it, so she rescued him right back.

Here is their Love Tail.

How did your pet come to be in your life? What was happening in your life at this time? Wookiee, (as in chewbacca, named for his adorable noises he makes when you scratch his ears) is my little shadow. I rescued him two years ago from a Forster carer after he was abandoned. He had already had 4 different owners by the time he was 3, which came with a whirlwind of anxiety and tricky personality traits, we are still working away at now. Wookiee has saved me as much as I saved him. I rescued him few weeks after my partner moved overseas and we endeavoured on a long distance relationship. Wookiee was an adorable distraction, companion, kept me from being lonely. He is a very important (and infamous) part of the family and I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am that he found us.

What is a typical day for you guys? What's your favourite thing to do together?

Wookiee still has signs of separation anxiety from his past and doesn’t like to be alone for too long. So He quickly became my adventure buddy! I endeavour to take him everywhere with me and want him to see the world, as much as possible! From cafes to the running track, to the football field to markets and he adores exploring the beach (not so much the waves!). I am continually amazed to see how far he has come with his trust of people, by exposing him to so many various environments (as long as I’m in his sight) he has come out of his shell, More and more each day! It warms my heart to see him become more confident and much happier in himself.

What makes your pet unique and special?

Wookiee, has such a quirky little personality. He is very smiley, very full of energy always ready for an agility chace and very much a companion Dog - and loves just being around people! Whether that’s on my lap while watching a movie or under the table when working on my laptop, or on the passenger’s seat, asleep on a road trip. He is such a little love big and adores (and is super needy for) affection - whether that’s simply smiling and eye gazing, to his favourite ear scratches and just being cuddled. Wookiee is also known for his special little paw - he has ‘elbow dysplasia,’ meaning one of his paws tilts outwards at the elbow. This makes his stance like a ballerinas ‘Third position’ and when he runs he ‘prances’ beautifully like a pony. His welcome greetings: Without fail - every single time we arrived home (whether it’s been ten mins or hours) he makes such a theatrical fuss, jumps on his back legs, runs around and wants a cuddle.

What is your favourite thing about your relationship?

The trust I have in my boy and the trust he has in me: He knows when I’m having a bad day and will come and simply sit on my feet or lie next to me to show his affection. He is always up for whatever, without hesitation as long as he gets to come along for the ride: He will run alongside me during my training sessions (if he’s not too busy checking our the surrounds). The way he has welcomed my partner back into our family: After he moved back to Aus, Wook really wasn’t sure about another man in my life - being super cautious and protective. It’s phenomenal to see how their bond has progressed, wook has worked passed his barriers and his trust he now has in my partner as he has welcomed him into the pack. And the fact that as long as he’s beside me or my partner, he is totally and utterly content and submitted (and will most likely fall asleep, in any situation).

What's going on in these photos!? We attended a ‘Pound Paws’ event alongside ‘Petflair.’ Which are a fantastic charity we passionately support, especially after Wookiee’s history. So having the opportunity for us to support them lead in hand, puppy’s face on swimsuit - was a very special time. These photos showcase that Wookiee is our little best friend and a part of the family, so of course he was there! You can follow Wookie and Lani on Instagram @lani_withnall @wookieethebichon

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