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When was your last family photo?

Is one family member always missing? Is it on someones iPhone somewhere? Have you got school photos of your kids, but none of you all together? Do you have any at all?

Families are all shapes and sizes and blends, but one thing I find in common with most families is that they haven't got one good photo with everyone in it! I personally only have one pic of all of us. My mums eyes were closed and the top of my dads head was cut off! There are wedding photos, baby photos, kinder photos and school photos every year, but somehow, everyone has forgotten to get family photos! Have a look through your camera reel. Are there a million photos of your pets? If you're anything like me, probably!

How about a great photo of you and your pet together? How about your pets with the whole family? Again, everyones favourite family member seems to miss out when it comes to photo day! How can this be?!

I have a theory that we take so many photos these days, that we assume we must have these essential photographs when the reality is, we don't have one single pic of the whole gang together! As time goes on and we all get busy, it becomes near impossible to get everyone in a room together. With the holiday season fast approaching, I would love for you all to go through your photos and make sure that if you don't have one, you make it your mission to get one! With Love, Cristal

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